Style. Once a word which represented individualism, now gets thrown around like an old pair of socks. If there’s ever a time to showcase the true meaning of style in Australia, it’s Melbourne Cup day! Don’t lose your individualism, but do follow etiquette. Here’s our 5-point guide to getting it spot on, this Melbourne Cup day.

Do: Follow the season – Spring/summer is a time for vibrant colours, light fabric suits and straw hats. Fabrics like linen and cotton will prevent you from perspiring, and prevent you from looking like you just went for a 12km run.

Don’t: Wear winter colours/fabrics – Would you wear white shorts on a cold, rainy winter day? Didn’t think so. Stick to colours and fabrics that compliment your surroundings/season

Do: Wear a vest and tie – Simply because, you’ll take off your jacket… and a shirt with trousers just doesn’t cut it. Have fun with your selection of vest and tie, ensure it compliments your whole outfit.

Don’t: Be afraid – This goes out to the gents, that only have blue or black in their wardrobe. There’s no need to freak out over a touch of colour, and don’t worry… people have better things to do than talk about how you’re wearing a pink shirt on Melbourne Cup day.

Do: Loafers – Nothing says spring/summer like a pair of great loafers! Be sure to choose a colour that compliments what you’re wearing, and stick to leather. Remember, You’re still wearing a suit, so choose a loafer that fits the stylish occasion.

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli

Brand & BDM