Business attire used to be a no-brainer. You shaved, slapped some cologne on and slipped in to one of many black or navy suits. It was hard to make a fashion gaffe with this kind of dress etiquette in the workplace, because it was so damn simple. But now, the rules have loosened up and men take a more casual approach… depending on their profession. It’s important to remember just because your office holds ‘Margarita Friday’, doesn’t mean you can dress like you’re on holiday. Here’s our 5-point guide to ensure you’re doing business-causal correctly.

1.. Be clean-cut: Casual dressing is no excuse for looking sloppy, so make sure you’re well groomed. Keep your hair and beard in good shape, and slap on your favourite cologne every morning before you leave the house.

2. When in doubt, opt for a suit: If you’re unsure about the attire for a business meeting, keep it simple and look like you belong. Don’t take the risk of dressing down, as in some environments this isn’t perceived as professional.

3. The level of formality: Remember, overdressing is always the safer bet. By overdressing, you compliment your clients and represent your company in a way that’s considered ‘above and beyond’.

4. Don’t limit your opportunities: It’s important you always dress in line with your superiors, and never more causally than your subordinates. The more you dressed in a relaxed manner, the less you look like someone who can be an authority figure in the workplace.

5. Never compromise on quality: Whatever you wear to work, ensure the workmanship behind the garment is second-to-none. Buy the best quality you can afford, and see it as an investment.


“Impact with style!”, quite simply; this is what we do here at URBBANA. We work with individuals and corporate business’ in a closed door environment to help ensure they’re making the impact they want to be making. Held at our ‘Gentleman’s emporium’, enjoy complimentary nibbles and coffee in store as our team of stylists construct a personalised session based around complexion, proportion and most importantly… the impact you want to make!

Signing off,

Kaan Tavli